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In this project, you will demonstrate your mastery of the following competency:

· Implement a cloud-based system that meets organizational needs

· Interface with cloud-based databases to support organizational operations


Imagine that you are a solutions architect at a start-up organization, Your Online Database Architecture for Education, or YODAE. YODAE recently launched in the educational technology industry. The company hired you to lead the design of its cloud database, which will be used by teachers in the K-12 education system. Teachers will be able to use the cloud-based IT system and database that you design to better manage their classrooms and to create various online learning experiences for their students. The database should store information about teachers, students, and classrooms. For this project, you will design the architecture of the database system by creating an entity relationship diagram (ERD). Then you will implement your design by creating a cloud database system. The cloud database system’s architecture consists of a database, web server, webpage, and client- or server-side scripting.


To complete this project:

Review the YODAE Business Case: Review the Business Case document in the Supporting Materials section to gain a better understanding of YODAE, and of how your cloud solution will meet its organizational needs and operations.

As part of the design of the cloud-based database, create an entity relationship diagram (ERD) to show the architecture of the cloud database system. To create your ERD, refer to the 
, which already includes some components of your diagram. You must add to this diagram by including the following components:

· All of the appropriate entities: What are the entities that need to be included in the ERD that are described in the business case?

· All of the appropriate attributes: What are five attributes for each entity?

· Necessary relationships: How will the relationships between the entities be accurately presented in the diagram?

Explain Your ERD: Write 2 to 5 paragraphs about how your diagram meets the needs of YODAE and its clients. You are required to provide a brief explanation about the entities, attributes, and relationships depicted in your diagram.

After you have designed the architecture of your cloud-based application, you will be required to create it in the AWS Console through your AWS Academy Learner Lab-Foundation Services course. To implement this, you are required to:

Set Up Virtual Server: Create an EC2 instance. Then be sure to properly install Apache web server, PHP, and MySQL on the instance. Take screenshots to confirm that you have successfully created your EC2 instance and installed the appropriate language and database system.

Deploy a Front-End Component: Install WordPress on the instance that includes connecting to your MySQL database. However, be sure that you are using the AWS Console through AWS Academy. Copy and paste the public URL to the instance to ensure that your instructor can assess your work.

Implement Database Tables: Install the database plug-in phpMyAdmin and create the database tables that you designed in your ERD, which include all columns/keys. Take a screenshot to confirm that you have created the appropriate databases depicted in your ERD.

Data Manipulation: After you have installed the database plug-in and created your new database tables, manipulate the data by completing the following:

· Insert some test data into each table.

· Do a Select statement that shows only students registered to a specific course.

· Show a Delete statement removing a course from the Courses table.

· Show a statement that changes the entry_year for a particular student.

Be sure to submit a screenshot for each of these tasks.

Interface with Database: Create a new page within the WordPress admin panel. To complete this successfully, you will need to follow the steps in the PHP code tutorial (Database Interface Instructions) in the Supporting Materials. Be sure to include screenshots of:

· Your working WordPress admin page and the installed plugin.

· The front-end form and view pages. Make sure to use your own name when adding a student.

What to Submit

To complete this project, you must submit the following:

Entity Relationship Diagram
You may use LucidChart, Visio, or another software application of your choice to create your diagram. The file you upload should either be a PDF, .jpeg, or .doc format.

Screenshots and Descriptions
Submit between 4 and 7 screenshots to show that you have successfully completed each step in the directions. For each screenshot, write a 1- to 3-sentence description that explains what the screenshot is showing. Your screenshots should be uploaded in .jpeg or PNG format.

Public URL for the EC2 Instance 
Submit your public URL link either in a separate document that you attach, or in the comments section when you upload your files.

Supporting Materials

The following resource(s) may help support your work on the project:

YODAE Business Case

This business case provides you with more organization background and the business needs.

Database Interface Instructions

The PHP code tutorial in this document will allow you to connect to the database.

Visio 2016

This series shows you how to use Visio to create diagrams.

Getting Started in LucidChart: The Basics

This resource shows you how to use LucidChart to create diagrams.

How to Take and Annotate Screenshots on Windows 10

This resource shows you how to capture screenshots if you are using Windows 10.

How to Take a Screenshot on Your Mac

This support resource will walk you through the process of capturing a screenshot if you are using Mac OS.

 YODAE ERD Example

For the entity relationship diagram (ERD) example, note that each entity (table) can have more attributes added to it, but the ones shown below must be included as they are for use later in this project. Your diagram should have a one-to-many relationship shown in crow’s foot notation with the relationship line above. (For more information about this notation, go to Crow’s Foot Notation:

YODAE Business Case

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