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Module 10

Scoring Rubric: 



Identified one specific contemporary issue or trend that student is interested in learning more about


Identified 2 important/significant facts regarding trend.


Provide an evidence-based article reference and include in text citations in your paper, each pp slide, or the note section of each pp slide.


Accurate APA (title page, reference page, appropriate in-text citations).


Accurate Grammar (including capitalization, punctuation, spelling, word usage, no run-on sentences, no sentence fragments, and/or paragraphing errors).




Module 10 Written Assignment – Contemporary Issues and Trends

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Module 10 Content


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In this written assignment, identify one specific contemporary issue or trend that you are interested in learning more about. Choose from the categories below.


· Global Healthcare and Nursing

· Healthcare Reform

· U.S. Healthcare Financing

· Nursing’s Role in the U.S. Healthcare System

· Integrative Healthcare

· Nursing Leadership and Management

· Nursing Education

· Nursing Practice

· Nursing Professionalism

· Advancing Nursing as a Profession

· Client Access to Care

· Delivering Client Care

· Interdisciplinary Teamwork and Collaboration

· Ethical Practices in Healthcare

· Quality and Safety in Healthcare Delivery

· Health/Nursing Informatics


You can choose the assignment format this week. In a PowerPoint® presentation (no more than five slides not including the title and reference slides) or a written APA style paper, include the following information:


· Describe the issue you chose.

· Discuss two significant facts about the issue.

· Support the facts identified with at least one credible source.

· Include the credible source(s) with your PowerPoint®.



How do I know if a source is credible?

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