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Decision Making and Police in Practice

Throughout this course, you have revisited some key topics in the criminal justice field – criminological theory, racial profiling and discrimination, restorative justice, and special issues with juvenile offenders.

Develop policies to address two of the four key issues that have been illustrated throughout this course. The paper should include the following components:

· Illustrate how knowledge of each of the two chosen topics can help with decision-making and policy implementation.

· For each of the two key topics, provide an example of a real-life scenario where the topic can be applied.

· Create a brief sample policy for each of the two key topics you chose, making sure to justify why this policy will help address the issue.

Your proposal should meet the following requirements:

· Be 2-3 pages in length not counting the title and reference pages, which you must include.

· Use terms, evidence, and concepts from class readings.

· Cite at least three scholarly sources for this assignment. Scholarly resources include peer-reviewed journal articles, books, the class textbook, or reports/documents from the government (.gov sites). A scholarly source does not include general sources from the internet (.com, .org, .edu, and .net sites are not scholarly). Scholarly resources should be current (no older than five years). If the class textbook is used as a source, then five other scholarly sources must be used. 

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