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Individual Report:

Your task is to produce a report that effectively includes data visualizations below to make your points. Imagine it is 2001 and you are a consultant for the VA lottery. They are interested in lottery sales across the counties of VA, and are interested in how much sales vary from county to county, what that variation looks like, and what factors could explain the differences in lottery sales across counties. In the initial meeting, someone mentions that they are concerned about the negative revenue impact that may result from North Carolina adopting a lottery (currently no lottery sales occur in North Carolina).

For this initial report, you are tasked with:

1. Describe the data you have assembled and what the key general descriptive statistics are for the data (highlight what, in your opinion, are the most important ones – you do not have to include everything).

2. Describe the differences in lottery sales between counties. What are the key insights that emerge from the data?

3. Potentially, what could be the important county factors that contribute to more or less lottery sales?

4. Are there any initial indications that the concern about North Carolina moving to a lottery is justified?

There is no page limit, and as with any consulting job, this is about as much direction as you will receive.

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