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Title of Research Proposal

Presenter Name

Grand Canyon University, Phoenix Arizona



Research Questions

Ethical Considerations


Purpose of the Study

Literature Review




To start using this template, you first need to delete this content and any other unwanted contents of this page. Keep the poster title and the purple section headers.

The purple headers are used to identify and separate the main topics of your presentation. The most commonly used headers in poster presentations are provided, but you can change these headers to fit your proposal

Move the header copies approximately to where you think they need to be on the poster, so you can get a better sense of the overall poster layout. It will help you organize your content.

You can now start adding your text. To add text use the text tool to draw a text box starting from the left edge of a column to the right edge and start typing in your text. You can also paste the text you may have already copied from another source

Repeat the process throughout the poster as needed.


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