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Perspectives Occupation & Health paper

You are a consultant that has been hired by an organization of your choosing to do an assessment on one aspect of the Organization’s Health and safety Program: How has the firm prepared itself to deal with any/all aspects of the Bill C-45, the Cannabis Act, which took effect in October 2018 across Canada.

Introduction: Why is this an important issue for organizations? What are the issues facing organizations?

Secondary Research (Best Practice): What responsibilities/obligations do employers have? Employees have?

How should they be managed.

What proactive and prevention strategies can be put in place by organizations?

Primary Research: What has your organization done/or plan to do to adopt best practices? Be specific

What have they accomplished?

What are the gaps that still exist?

Are there any industry specific issues that affect how the organization has approached this topic?

Conclusions: Challenges for all employers in the future on this topic.

Each group must confirm their choice of organization prior to start of research with the course instructor and the selected organization – 1 group per organization.

The Organization we choose is Walmart

Paper format: A formal paper (100% of this assignment mark) not to exceed 12 pages, not including references or appendices. 12 font, normal margins, double spaced. Proper APA format must be used.

References: Minimum 5 of which must include CCOHS materials,, popular media, HR publication, and a legal opinion

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