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Adventure Bounce

Hector E. Valleacosta

Grantham University

HRM 699 Capstone Performance Project

Dr. Robert Freeborough

May 28, 2022



Motivation and Innovation

Company’s Ethics

Social Responsibility

Competing with other companies

Strategies for sales

Company ethics

Policies were put in place

Treat all employees in the highest regards

Treat everyone who walks thru the doors with respect

Always had open door policy

Employees can speak what’s on their mind

Adventure bounce

It was started by an immigrant family from Armenia

It located in Sun Valley, California

Started with 5 employees and grow to have 50 employees

It sold inflatable bounce houses to consumers all over the state of California

Motivation and innovation

It motivate the employees to speak out when changes help the company

It help not only existing business owners but new owners to be different from the competition

It help with ways to prolong the life of the bouncy house

It provided banners for advisement that can be attached to the bouncy house

Always willing to try new thing, listening to the employees

Social responsibility

It started a recycling program

Sponsor local youth leagues, such as soccer, baseball and softball

It use energy saving machine

It supported events for veterans and local parks.

Competing with other companies

Promoted a healthy competition with other companies

The prices were low and affordable for the consumer

Provided customer service and sells in four different languages

Will work with the consumers with any issues

Strategies for sales

The biggest consumer market for the bouncy houses, was the Latino community, The company targeted the Latino community for sales

Adaptation to the internet and tours of the factory

If customers wanted to see the product the company will accommodate the consumer

Mailing flyers


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