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Week 7 Discussion 1

Strategic Planning

This week discusses the importance of strategic planning for future success. Setting goals and planning for future success is important in organizational growth. You will have the opportunity to discuss company’s that have been successful in this, as well as those that have not.

Consider the number of companies that you may have known growing up that are no longer in business. Seems this is a trending occurrence with household name organizations like Kmart, Toys R Us, and Blockbuster Video. These are companies that were ground breaking in sales at one point and now no longer exist.

Some might say they lacked strategy. Others might claim they couldn’t compete. Regardless of the reason, it’s important that companies today learn from their predecessors’ mistakes and plan strategically in order to stay in the running.

eCommerce and Artificial Intelligence have grown leaps and bounds over the past decade. Marketing and sales techniques have changed and are now more technology driven. Customers shop differently that they did in the past. The way people research is different too. Understanding how this impacts the workplace today along with applying strategies will benefit you long-term.

This week you will have the opportunity to research strategies companies use today while developing your own tactics to develop a plan and a forecast to save a business. I look forward to your work this week.

Please review your materials for this week below. 

· Gold, B. (2018). 
Five Basic Strategies to Manage Business Growth

· Kratsids, M. (2019). 
Why the US Needs a Strategy for AI

· McCartney, R. and Sullivan, P. (2019). 
Amazon says it will avoid a housing crunch with HQ2 by planning better than it did in Seattle

· Miserra, K. (2019). 
Rethinking Your Business Strategy: When and Why

· Scale, D. (2019). 
Why CEOs Must Own Corporate Brand Values

· Williams, D.K. (2019). 
Beyond the Concept: The Proven Ways to ‘Fail Fast’ For Business Success


Respond to at least two of your peers’ postings in one or more of the following ways:

1. Offer additional strategies your peer might do to maintain a neutral stance and not inadvertently influence the content of this dispute.

1. Offer edits that include would you add to, or subtract from, the opening statement your peer provided. Please provide a rationale.

1. After reading your peer’s post, explain additional thoughts you have about another statement of agreement

1. No plagiarism

· APA citing

1st Colleague – Steven Cole

Discussion- Week 7 

Top of Form

The business of JC Penney has slowly diminished its profit, revenue and value as the world evolves, and technology has made advancements. With the use of Fortune 500 company Amazon, businesses and department stores such as JC Penney are losing its consumers/customers and are on the sidelines watching Amazon takeover. As Amazon provides ease of use and convenience for all its customers, the everyday busy life a customer has and can have is not in part to online shopping. A customer can now purchase something today and have it delivered tomorrow or even same day, which department stores like JC Penney struggle to compete and maintain with.  The demise of JC Penney started back in 2012 and since then has not been able to gain traction or ground with gaining its customers back.  With proper planning and coordination, JC Penney could have mitigated the issue and problem and could potentially be in a better business place then they currently are today.  Additionally, Amazon is looking to use closed JC Penney department stores as possible distribution centers.  I have provided the link below for your review, thoughts and consideration (Unknown, 2020).

Your Thoughts


Unknown. (2020, August 11). Amazon reportedly looking to take over Sears, JCPenney stores as mall fulfillment centers. ABC7 San Francisco. Retrieved May 27, 2022, from


2nd Colleague – Emailina San Agustin 

Week 7 Discussion 

Top of Form

Hi, everyone.

I wanted to create my vision board on indoor playgrounds.  They are just starting to open up after having to close because of the pandemic.  I think that these businesses are needed in our community for the sake of our children.  Please see my attached vision board.



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