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6/2/22, 6:00 AM Reading Assignment Questions: Week 9 1/1

Reading Assignment Questions: Week 9

Due May 28 by 11:59pm Points 2 Submitting a text entry box or a file upload

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Provide substantive answers to the 5 following questions:

1. After reading Shaw’s account, what is an ecosystem and how should we understand our relationship
to such?

2. From Shaw’s text define “externalities”. What is it about the “traditional” business structure and its
attitude toward the environment that compels it to “overlook” externalities?

3. In Paddison’s piece, why does the report by Bios say capitalism cannot work against climate

4. Outline the three main areas/ways the Bios report says we need to change our economy?

5. Explain what Foster means by the “treadmill of production” and its inherent “immorality”. Why does
he think the treadmill of production, instead of individual consumers or corporations, is the primary
force causing environmental degradation?

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