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Using the textbook and 2 additional articles of your choice (use LIRN to research this), please write a 4 to 5-page paper that answers the following:

(1) Discuss 3 key strategic management concepts that you believe are useful to any manager in any organization. You can choose to describe any 3 concepts (except SWOT).

(2) Explain the strategic importance of each of these 3 concepts and why they are useful.

(3) Provide a few examples of real-life companies which have used these types of strategic management concepts to support their strategy.


· Each individual paper should be 4 to 5 pages long, not counting cover page and bibliography.

· The essay must be submitted in Microsoft Word “.doc” file format, and need to be formatted in proper APA 7th Edition style.

· The cover page and reference page/s are not included in the above-stated page requirement. These should be in addition to page requirements.

· Each paper requires a minimum of at least three outside peer-reviewed sources for your references.

o   Acceptable/credible sources include: Academic journals and books, industry journals, and the class textbook.  

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