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NURS 613 AP Pharmacology

Assignment # 2. Educational Teaching Plan for Mental Health/ Psychiatric Disorder

Purpose: Develop a teaching plan for a patient population group about the diagnosis,

management, and considerations for the use of the psychotropic agents for a mental health/

psychiatric disorder.

Be sure to review the Assignment # 2 grading RUBRIC

The educational teaching plan will include two components:

a) an APA formatted paper that provides a detailed teaching plan content (Abstract and Key words not required)

b) an educational handout appropriate for the target audience

a) In an APA formatted paper provide detailed teaching plan content to include an overview of the disorder and a discussion of the management of a selected mental health/ psychiatric disorder, including the use of psychotropic agents.


1. Objectives: List THREE or more measureable behavioral objectives for the teaching plan.

Review how to design a measurable learning objective here:

Remember to include a time frame for achievement of the learning objective. 

2. Introduction: Select a mental health/psychiatric disorder and a population group affected that you want to address.

 Define the disorder and provide an overview that describes THREE (3) or more characteristics, including signs and symptoms, affected population group/gender (Older Adult, Adult, Adolescent), morbidity and mortality, impact on quality of life.

3. Management: Describe THREE (3) evidence-based management strategies for the identified diagnosis

(Non-Pharmacologic): Describe TWO (2) or more management strategies other than drugs,

that can be used to cope with the disorder. Provide a rationale for the strategies described and

support your analysis with evidence from the literature.

(Pharmacological): Identify and describe at least TWO different classes of psychotropic

agents that can be used to treat the identified disorder. These can include (but are not limited to)

anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, anti-psychotic agents. Provide a rationale for the strategies

described and support your analysis with evidence from the literature.

Select ONE (1) drug from one of the two different classes of psychotropic drugs you identified, that target the disorder. Clearly discuss key information items about the class of drug including all SEVEN (7) criteria: name, indications, dosing, contraindications, precautions, drug & food interactions, side effects/ adverse reactions. Provide a rationale for the selection of this drug of choice over others for this patient/ population group. Support the rational with evidence from the literature such as research trials (name of trial, type of trial, number of participants, length of trial, treatment, goal of trial, results, limitations, miscellaneous comments; statistics used to support  analysis.)

4. Reference List: Provide at least FIVE (5) references. References must be from peer-reviewed scientific/ evidence-based scholarly journals within 5 years of today’s date. They can be from allied health journals in addition to nursing journals. International peer–reviewed journals with English translations are acceptable.

APA format:

Abstract and key words not required.

Cover page with Name, Class, Date and Title required

Times New Roman 12 point font, Double-spaced one inch margins, and page numbers preferred

Part II: Prepare an
educational handout appropriate for the target population with consideration for culture, ethnicity, age, educational level, sensory limitations. 
Do not
use slides or posters prepared by other sources such as or the NIMH. 

· Uses language appropriate for literacy level of 5th to 8th grade

· Meets the current standard of care for the identified health issue of the target population

· Appropriate for target population (culture, ethnicity, age, educational level, sensory limitations)

· Visually appealing and creative

Revised 01.2022 MJR 2

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