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Info For Two Page Project

INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPANY: Mercedes school bus service

Type of vehicles(amount): mini vans (5), private white buses (4)

Total amount of clients: 400

Total revenue per week: $13,000

Current expenses per week: gas ($1,300), labor ($9,000), $800 for company savings

Revenue per month: $7,000 (not including taxes)

-Privately owned company

SCHOOLS VISITED: Mater Lakes, Spanish Lakes, CCMS, American Senior High, Mater Gardens, PSN, Joella, Hialeah Gardens


Problem/ Solution:

1a: GAS/ connecting the owner with a company such as BJs or Costco for cheaper gas.

1b: GAS/ fixing up routes to save up (at least another 20%) on gas as well.


2a: VEHICLE PART (ac)/ ac repair happens at least twice a month.

2b: VEHICLE PART (other)/ at least once a year, one to two vehicles break for random reasons so having one stored or a connection with a dealer shop would help ultimately.

PROBLEM 1: GAS related


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