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Week 1 dq 2 response 5 445

Kenyetta Patterson

Hello Professor and class,

It is important to build a rapport with clients because it opens up the communication process between both you and the client. While building trust between both parties. Making sure to greet each client with a warm smile. Nodding of the head in agreement, this let’s the client know I am in agreement and that I am displaying active listening. The way I would decide on a questioning technique before interviewing a client is by making sure the environment is comfortable. Having a comfortable environment this let’s the client know it’s okay to open up and let their guard down (chron, 2018). Gathering up information about the client’s history, needs and strengths. This will help with coming up with the right questions to ask and avoid asking the wrong question. Responding in an improper way can result in the client shutting down all communication.

Kenyetta Patterson

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