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The study of sport management includes a vast array of content areas. One area is the field of
sport communication. In recent years, the growth of the sport industry can be partially
attributed to the advances in sport communication.

Sport teams, leagues, and athletes use websites to communicate with key stakeholders. Sport
consumers can follow, stay connected, engage, and interact with sport personalities now as in
no other time in the history of sport. Social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and
Facebook have revolutionized the sport industry. In essence, the once-intangible sport figure is
now tangible, because of the access fans gain via social media.

For this week’s Discussion, you will need to use Twitter. Since Week 1, you have been following
sport teams, athletes, and/or leagues on Twitter. In this Discussion, you will review the posted
content and analyze how social media affects communication in the sport industry.

Post an explanation of the activity of the Twitter handles/accounts you have been following.
Explain how effective each has been in communicating with followers and any
recommendations you would suggest to improve or enhance their communications.

In formulating your Discussion post, consider the following:

• What themes would you associate with the posted content?
• If you were brought in to consult the followed Twitter handle/account(s), what would

you recommend? Why?
• What are some of the overarching themes you were able to extract from the

respondents? Retweets? Favorites?
• What evidence of Hull and Lewis’ propositions do you find in the Twitter


Please Read: Why Twitter Displaces Broadcast Sports Media: A Model, Hull, K. & Lewis,
N.P. (2014)

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