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5 sentence: 

“Is It Ethical to Alter Digital Photos?”

Essay format below: (All Essay questions must be completed in a Word document and uploaded in ecampus.  Your Essay questions must also contain at least 400 words to be acceptable)

Your name: (bold and left margin)

Article Title (bold  and centered)

Summary of article: (bold and left margin)

Summarize the article under the above title.

Question #1 (write each question then answer the questions, bold and left margin)

Answer the questions under the above title.  Continue this format until you have answered all questions.


Ethics and Issues #2 - In the Discovering Computers Textbook

Read Ethics and Issues 2-2. “Is it Ethical to Use a Fake Name or ID on a Website?”  

Summarize the article and answer the questions below the article. Please complete this assignment using 400 words and at least 4 paragraphs. 

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