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III. Estimado de valores ticos-legales, social, moral, espiritual y valores artsticos, estticos, humansticos en la ejecucin de la profesin de enfermera en la adaptacin del adulto con condiciones inadaptadas.
A. Cdigo de tica y valores de la profesin de enfermera-
a. Diversidad cultural- artculo adjunto Grisel.
– reflexiones

Introduction to Medical-Surgical Nursing

National Patient Safety Goals
Institute of Medicine ?To Err is Human Report? 2000
The Joint Commission
National Patient Safety Goals (NPSGs)?requires health care organizations to focus on specific priority safety practices, many of which involve nursing care

IHI Objectives
100,000 Lives Campaign
Protect patients from 5 million incidents of medical harm
Rapid Response Teams

IOM Core Competences for Health Professionals
Providing patient-centered care
Collaborating with the interdisciplinary health care team
Implementing evidence-based practice
Using quality improvement in patient care
Using informatics for patient care

Providing Patient-Centered Care
Collaborative nursing functions
Independent nursing functions
Patient education
Patient advocacy-caring
Respect for ethical principles (ANA):
Patient autonomy

Collaborating with the Interdisciplinary Health Care Team
Case manager
Case Coordinator
Transition Management

Implementing Evidence-Based Practice
Critical thinking

Using Quality Improvement in Patient Care
Identify indicators to monitor quality and effectiveness of nursing care.
Collect data to monitor the quality and effectiveness of nursing care.
Recommend ways to improve nursing care.
Implement activities to improve the quality of nursing care.

Using Informatics for Patient Care

Electronic Health Record
Prevent error, support decision making, manage knowledge
Prevent violation of patient privacy and confidentially

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