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MGT370 Assignments Week 5 – Final Paper!

Week 5 – Final Paper

Due Monday by 11:59pm Points 30 Submi!ng an external tool

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Entering a Foreign Market Through Exports
[WLOs: 1, 2, 3] [CLOs: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5]
Prior to beginning work on this assignment, read Chapters 20, 21, and 22 assigned this week.

This paper must be the final version of your Entering a Foreign Market Through Exports: A Rough Dra! of Final Paper assignment from Week 2. It should
conclude the work you started in Week 2. As a reminder, this is the scenario for your final paper:

High-Tech Tools, Inc. is a company based in Otay Mesa, California. Among other high-tech equipment, the company specializes in manufacturing of the
hand-held radar speed gun, a device used to measure the speed of moving objects. The radar speed gun is mostly u”lized in law enforcement to measure the
speed of moving vehicles. It is also o!en used in professional sport for measuring bowling speeds in cricket, speed of pitched baseballs, and speed of tennis
serves. The company has seen a clear trend in the compe””on?s exporta”on of similar goods around the world. As the manager of interna”onal logis”cs for
this company, you have been asked by senior management to help iden”fy a foreign country where the High-Tech Tools, Inc.?s export sales of radar speed
guns may become successful.

The goal of this paper is to iden”fy a new country for export of high-tech equipment manufactured by an American company and formulate a successful global
supply chain management strategy.

Using the material developed for Weeks 1 through 5, write an eight- to ten-page recommenda”on to High-Tech Tools, Inc.?s senior management advising them of
a poten”al export country based on research conducted throughout this class. Your proposal should start with a one-page execu”ve summary (for assistance,
see the Wri”ng Center?s Wri!ng an Execu!ve Summary ) that iden”fies a new export country and provides a concise overview of the key points of your paper.
The main points of your proposal must address the following:

Present an execu”ve summary that iden”fies a new export country.
Describe the benefits of expor”ng hi-tech equipment to the chosen country from the perspec”ve of interna”onal trade theories and economic agreements.
Explain any advantages or deficiencies in a transporta”on, communica”on, or u”li”es infrastructure in the selected country that may affect interna”onal
logis”cs opera”ons.
Prepare an assessment of the supply chain strengths, weaknesses, and factors of compe””ve advantage exis”ng in the chosen country.
Recommend the sales contract terms related to the method of payment and the use of Incoterms 2020 rules.
Develop a transporta”on plan for moving goods efficiently and effec”vely, in an intermodal shipment from the manufacturing facility in Otay Mesa, California
to the port of final des”na”on in the chosen country.
Explain your ra”onale for implemen”ng the trans

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