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Fences , Act One


1. Select two prompts below, and write one original post based in each prompt, for a total of two original posts.  Each post must be at least three full paragraphs long.
2. At least one reply to another classmate’s post.  The reply must be at least three to four complete sentences and should clarify, question, suggest alternatives–in other words, enhance and further the discussion.

This makes a total of three posts.  All posts should be fortified with specific evidence from the play–dialogue, descriptions, et al.–to back up the larger claims.  Do not dwell in generalities.
This discussion counts as a 20-point daily work grade. 


1. Analyze Troy’s stance toward money, using his exchanges with any of these characters as evidence:
· Lyons: discussion of borrowing from Troy and paying him back (1.1 and 1.4)
· Rose: discussion of playing the “numbers” (1.2)
· Cory: discussion of buying a TV (1.3)
2. Analyze Troy’s reluctance toward Cory playing football in 1.3.  What is the source (or sources) of his reluctance?  Does he have valid objections? 
3. Analyze the exchange among Troy, Bono and Lyons in 1.4, in which Troy recounts his upbringing in the South and his journey to Pittsburgh.  How much has Troy’s history influenced him as both a father and a husband?  (Also review August Wilson’s introductory remarks in the section “The Play,” prior to the start of Act One.  What is the gist of these remarks, and how much do they apply to Troy?)

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