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Please pick 1 of the points below and answer them in essay format.

1. If you are currently involved in a group, or have been in a group in the past, describe the kind of group member that you are (or were). What did being in a group teach you about yourself? What might this teach you about your ability to lead or co-lead groups? Also write about your concerns or fears in doing group work.
2. What kind of group would you most like to organize? What would be your goals for the group? What specific actions would you take to start your group? What colleagues or other sources would you consult to get this group started?

Your response must be no less than 500 words, minimum of two pages, no more than 3, using APA citation format references and in-text citations


This week you will prepare an outline for the recommendation report. The outline will help you to organize your thought process and material for the report. The outline requires a specific format, so please be sure to read the attached notes PRIOR to writing the outline. 

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