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Using your analysis of the strategic plan from the Wk 2- Strategic Plan Research assignment (ben and jerry’s, attached), complete the following:
Analyze in 350 to 525 words the:

Purpose of the strategic plan
Key objectives:

Market development and how your ideas fit

Process improvement

Development of people

Product/service – How do you deliver? Is there a way to improve quality over time to differentiate?

Key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure performance over time

Recommend initiatives to support your objectives to improve the strategic plan.
Every bold bullet must have it’s own header
Identify ways to adapt to the changing business environment.

Strategic Plan
Ben and Jerry’s corporation is an American Company, a partition of the British-Dutch Unilever establishment. The establishment specializes in manufacturing frozen yogurt, dessert, ice cream, and unique products. The company was founded in 1978 by Jerry Greenfield and Jerry Cohen. This paper will discuss the strategic plan of Ben and Jerry’s corporation.
The company has goals, missions, and objectives. The establishment’s mission is to brand, allocate and vend the best superior natural ice cream and joyful blend with a continuous obligation to integrate nutritious, natural ingredients and endorse corporate performs that respect the surrounding. Its goal is to be the initial high-quality ice cream in Singapore through its amusing contents of minerals, vitamins, and nutrients to attain a significant market share. The company’s objective concerns its client’s sense of taste, routine, and selections (Cohen & Greenfield, 2021). The company’s strategic plan is to be the top brand amongst dairy product businesses; this will be attained by employing specialists such as Diet and Food Experts and consultants. It will assist them in achieving their goals with the use of experts’ skills, knowledge, and experiences,
Various organizations’ external environment, including the natural environment, regulates the routine of ice cream businesses. Most dessert and ice cream products are made from agricultural yields such as milk. Its primary markets’ economic environment immensely impacts Ben & Jerry’s performance. At the global level, Ben & Jerry’s US exports are subject to importation responsibilities, which decrease their competitiveness by increasing their retail values. Additionally, the organization’s internal environment includes; strengths which are a robust brand image, a worldwide delivery system, a strong affiliation with its supplier, and a vast market portion. Weaknesses include massive investments in joint duty initiatives and declining profit margins. Opportunities include a predictable upsurge in demand for high-quality and harmless dessert and ice cream products.
Ben & Jerry’s company has fully fledged into countless beliefs, cultures, and races. The company desires to become an extra appropriate and comprehensive occupational to shape a culture that makes diversity the actual foundation of their strong point. They have also formed an Equity Squad to lead in their work. Ben & Jerry’s communal accountability, as specified with their extensive-term goals, is the usage of the corporation to further the source of Harmony and Fairness; buying extra Just Trade ingredients sustenance financial and communal fairness through their occupational performance. For conservational sustainability, their paramount urgency is discovering an alternative to the remaining plastic in the ice-cream vessels. The goal is to have 100% wrapping free of petroleum-based plastic. They also want the plastic to be recyclable and compostable by 2025.
In conclusio

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