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BMIS 520
IT Infrastructure Project: Designing WAN Networks Assignment Instructions
Project Background
Reference Figure 1. Global Care Hospital is a network of four large hospitals in the U.S. You have recently purchased the organization, naming it [Your Firstname Lastname] Global Hospital. Please refer to the hospital as place your name here Global Hospital.

Figure 1. Global Hospital Network Design
Jane Doe Global Hospital owns a network of hospitals supported by four (4) office buildings. Their original design, depicted in Figure 1, was categorized as a medium-size network for 200 to 1,000 devices. They have well surpassed this and added new services in telemedicine. In addition, it has several flaws. You, as their senior network engineer, are tasked with the job of a complete re-design. This design must support a large-size network for over 1,000 devices, address the current design flaws per figure 1, and meet thefuture needsof a globally capable hospital IT infrastructure. *Note, each of the office buildings in Figure 1 also contains additional routers, switches, workstations, and servers that would support a typical hospital office building of this hospital size.Include these devices to meet the rubric requirementsas you design the detailed version of this network. Regardless, only one workstation is needed per network switch to show working functionality.

In this project, you will study performance improvements in a congested, wired WAN environment that can be solved to varying degrees by a new IT infrastructure design and fully functional implementation in Cisco Packet Tracer.
Project Requirements
Take screenshots demonstrating your network, servers, configurations, and protocols properly functioning in the new design. Screenshots must include a unique piece of information identifying the students computer along with a proper operating system date/time. Submit these as appendices in the Word document.
Submit a working Packet Tracer lab, typically this file has a .pkt file extension.
This will include the fully operational new IT infrastructure design
All devices in the lab must be named with your first name and last name
Example: Jane_Doe_Router_1
All hardware and software should be configured properly and should be able to communicate securely using optimized networking designs, configurations, and protocols
Packet Tracer IT Infrastructure Re-Design Requirements
You must start with a blank/new Packet Tracer file, existing labs or modified labs of existing solutions will receive a zero without exception
Include the existing hospital network design but optimized/improved
LANs must function using the OSPF protocol
Buildings 1 and 3 must connect to buildings 2 and 4 using a properly selected and configured WAN protocol
Design a large-size network for over 1,000+ devices
An appropriate WAN design supported by research is necessary
Add appropriate routers and switches to support this new design
Design and configure at least one appropriate networking protocol, IPv4 or IPv6
Design IP addressing that will scale to over 1,000 devices
Use proper network address translation (NAT)
Add appropriate security into the design, at least one (1) significant improvement
Add sufficient modularity, resiliency, and flexibility into the design, at least one significant improvementfor eachfor a total of three (3) optimizations
Design and implement the following new services and systems
Assure each service supports telemedicine
A Healthcare Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
Requires four front-end web servers
Requires load balancers that balance traffic to the front-end web servers
Requires two database servers
Requires a storage area network (SAN) to store all data
A website hosted on a web server ineach ISP, accessible by all workstations
Two new user workstations ineach buildingthat uses the new services and services properly
Show these services working on each workstation in your project (e.g. the Healthcare ERP, the websites in the ISPs)
Paper Requirements (Introduction, Literature Review, and Conclusion)
Submit a properly formatted APA paper in Microsoft Word
Here is an example paper:
Table of Contents that automatically adjusts page numbers of the main headings
Introduce the primary goals and objectives of the project
Include more than 5 scholarly sources and 500 words in the Introduction and Conclusion combined
Review of literature that supports the new system simulation, model, and design
Include appropriate IT frameworks and standards in which to design a large enterprise class IT infrastructure and network
Address system feasibility, RAS (reliability, availability, serviceability), security, and disaster recovery
Include at least 10 scholarly journal articles focusing on relevant research on the problems being addressed
Meets the length requirement of 1,000 words
Packet Tracer design explanation
Explain each of the additions and improvements
Reference the primary configurations and how these were developed
Include running configurations from routers/switches as appendices
Highlight any limitations, managerial implications, and conclusions of the project deliverables and outcomes
The assignment includes over 2,000 words of original student authorship that shows excellent mastery and knowledge of IT infrastructure design. There are also over 10 unique scholarly peer reviewed journal articles from well-respected IT journals included that directly relate to and sufficiently support the working designs and scenarios.
Save the file asLastname_Firstname_ProjectPhaseI. Include your name in the assignment file itself and submit your file to Blackboard.
Any assignment without working Packet Tracer files or without screenshots that do not include a visible date and timestamp from the operating system and a unique desktop element to identify the students work will not be accepted.
To copy screenshots to Microsoft Word:
Press the Print Screen key on your keyboard. The key is usually located at the upper right corner of a keyboard.
You can also use the snipping tool in Windows
For Windows users, open application Paint and paste the screen shot over. Paint usually can be accessed this way: Start All Programs Accessories. For users of other operating systems, use a similar application.
In Paint, select the graph or area needed and copy it. You need to click this iconin order to be able to select an area. The icon is listed on the left side of the window.
Paste the selected area to a word processor.
Save the file asLastname_Firstname_ProjectPhaseI

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