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Using the 4 principles of ethics from the book and discussed in class, compare, and contrast the arguments of Varian and Zuboff regarding the collection of consumers’ “digital exhaust” by big Commerce companies such as Amazon, Google, Facebook, etc. are consistent with the 4 principles or violate them. Be sure to specifically address the advantages and disadvantages outlined by each author. Based upon what you outline, what changes would you suggest to improve outcomes for consumers based upon the 4 ethical principles.
The online entertainment industry is undergoing a substantial transformation, and several large, integrated, media companies such as Disney, Netflix, and Amazon have emerged who are competing against each other. Using the first five of the eight key elements of a business model (Figure 2.1)discuss how Netflix’s “content first” approach to growth will either help them compete more effectively against Disney and Amazon in this space or will hamper their ability to grow. You should use data from the case, from the book, and you may bring in evidence from current events as well.
eCommerce marketing metrics play a key role in understanding the consumer online purchasing process. Using your understanding of both the steps of the consumer purchasing process and the metrics identified in Table 6.6, pick ten metrics and for each metric:
a. identify which phase of the consumer purchase process each metric would support.
b. Discuss what information you it would provide an organization and why that information is relevant or important to that phase of the purchasing process?
NOTE: An effective answer will define and describe each phase of the consumer purchasing process and will demonstrate that you understand precisely what each metric is measuring.

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