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HSOC 102G Cultural Anthropology ONLINE I.
Rousseau Mukenge, PhD Option 1: African Diaspora in the Americas (LO1; LO8; CT) Each student has an option to write a report on a country in the international African Diaspora. The goal of the report is to provide enrichment information on the experiences of people of African descent in the Diaspora. Choose one of the following countries for this option: Argentina Brazil Canada Colombia Cuba Dominican Republic Ecuador
Haiti Mexico Peru Venezuela Guyana Belize Panama
Grenada French Overseas Departments (Guadeloupe & Martinique) British & US Territories (Virgin Islands) US Commonwealth (Puerto Rico)
Some countries have been highlighted by the films you reviewed, but there are many more. For others, you will find additional information online and at the Woodruff Library. Articles and films are also posted on the course page. The following are examples of some questions you may explore in your reports. You may choose to focus on internal relations of race, class, and gender or you may focus on external relationships and how they are mediated by these forces. You may compare the French Overseas Territories (DOM) to independent countries. You may focus on historical or contemporary time contexts. You may compare time periods or even country experiences if you choose. The choice is yours.
The following are some topics to explore.
Describe the roles of Europe and the Roman Catholic church in the decimation of aboriginal populations
Describe the roles of Europe and the Roman Catholic church in the enslavement of Africans.
Describe the role of U.S. imperialism in exacerbating social, economic, and political problems
What is racial democracy? Based on your understanding of the concept, how is it manifested in:
? Afrodescent, identity, and agency ? Race and gender in national identity ? Poverty and urban life ? Rural life and culture ? The status and roles of women ? Education and health care ? Political representation ? Economic opportunities ? The Arts ? Sports, and entertainment ? Civil rights and human rights ? Resistance, protest, and rebellion
Limit the report to five (5) pages. Save your report as an MS Word document named as follows: LASTNAME_FIRSTINITIAL_DIASPORA Submit your report on Blackboard for grading

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