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Now that you have been introduced to the sub-discipline of Archeology in Chapters 6 and 7 of your textbook, you can now witness a case of archaeological investigation to determine the lifeway and cause of death of the oldest mummy ever discovered, tzi, or the Iceman as he is more commonly known. For those of you interested in Forensic Anthropology, identifying the remains of deceased humans, this video:PBSNova – Iceman Murder Mystery Documentarywill be right up your alley. You might want to eat before watching the video!

    When you are done watching the video answer the following questions by referring to specific information from the video, NOT other sources:

      What was the archaeologicalcontext(see term in book) in which the Iceman was found, and how did this impact his preservation?
      What subsistence strategy did the Iceman pursue and what evidence (physical, genetic, etc.) was used to determine this?
      How do you think the Iceman was murdered (e.g. premeditated or accidental)? Support your opinion with evidence!
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