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Week 2 Discussion – Operations Strategy
Please view, read, and comprehend theGoods vs. Services Continuum[PDF] and then use it to respond to the following:

Choose two companies with which you are familiar.
Describe the good or service offered by each of the two companies you chose.
Using the numbers 1 through 7 on the infographic, determine where each of these two companies falls on the Goods vs. Services continuum, and justify why you think each company fits in the areas you selected.

Goods vs. Services Continuum
01 02 03 04 05 06 07
Hybrid Services
Pure Tangible Goods Producer
Tangible, consumable goods like groceries, electronics, cars, furniture, etc.
Tangible Goods with Accompanying
Minor Services Combination goods and services like the purchase of a bicycle with accompanying repair services.
Hybrid Goods & Services Provider Combination goods and services like those provided by a coffee shop barista, a restaurant, a bread baker, etc.
Services Provider with Accompanying
Minor Goods Combination goods and services like an airline trip with accompanying drinks and snacks.
Pure Services Provider
Intangible services that are experienced like those provided by a teacher, a police officer, a babysitter, a store cashier, etc.

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