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PATH370 Pathophysiology
Week 7 In Class Assignment
1. What is the most likely cause of M.G.’s signs and symptoms? What is the origin and pathogenesis? What other laboratory findings would be consistent with this etiology?
2. What are common complications of this disorder, and how would one assess for their occurrence?
3. What is the usual treatment for this disorder?
Case 2 Discussion Questions

    What questions could be asked of J. S.’s family to help determine the cause of her stroke as thrombotic, embolic, or hemorrhagic (i.e., questions to assess risk factors for each type of stroke)?
    Based on the scenario described above, which brain hemisphere (left or right) suffered the ischemic damage? What other manifestations of this stroke location would likely be apparent?
    What medical therapies might be used to manage this current stroke and/or to prevent another one?
    What information might be appropriate to give J.S.’s family about the expected recovery process after stroke?

Case 3 Discussion Questions
1. What types of motor difficulties would F.P. be expected to exhibit related to his Parkinson disease?
2. What is the rationale for managing Parkinson disease with a dopamine precursor?
3. What safety and activities-of-daily-living problems might F.P. have encountered while hospitalized?
4. If F.P. experiences seizure activity while in the hospital, what should be assessed during the seizure episode? How would his seizure be managed?

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