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COM 315 Module Three Journal: Self-Presentation Challenge Guidelines and Rubric

Overview: This assignment is designed to get you to think about how you present yourself to others in an online setting. It will require you to use an existing
profile or create a new one and to ask a friend or family member for his or her perspective. Journals are private between the student and the instructor.
Activities are graded individually.

Part 1: Using either a current account or creating one if you do not currently have one, examine a Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or online dating profile you have.
If you are not a member of any of these social networking sites, you are encouraged to create a profile in order to experience what others do when creating
profiles. You can immediately delete it after it is created, if you desire.

Afterward, respond to the following questions in your journal (journal assignment 1):

● What information about yourself did you share?
● Did you highlight certain things—what were they and why did you emphasize this information?
● What information about yourself did you not share, or downplay? Why did you minimize this information?
● Did you include pictures? Why or why not?
● Overall, what type of person are you presenting yourself to be? Why?

Part 2: Ask one person with whom you are close to review your profile. If he or she has already seen your profile, tell him or her to be as unbiased as possible,
though this will be difficult. Have him or her describe to you the type of person he or she believes you to be, based SOLELY on your profile. The reader should
consider these questions: What information was included and how did you react to it? What stylistic features did the person use, and what do they say about
him or her? Does the person share a lot or a little? What does this mean to you?

In your journal assignment 2, be sure to include who the person is that you asked to review your profile (e.g., what relationship exists between you two), his or
her response to your profile, and the following questions:

● Did he or she describe you the way you wanted to be perceived (i.e., were you a competent communicator)?
● If he or she described something you did not intend, what does that tell you?
● Will you change your profile based on that person’s perception? Why or why not?

Guidelines for Submission: Submit the assignment as a Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

Critical Elements Exemplary (100%) Proficient (85%) Needs Improvement (55%) Not Evident (0%) Value
Journal Assignment



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