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Impact Of Globalization on The Sovereignty of State-Nation

Robina Davis


Attention getter:

I greet you all. I am Robina Davis from the Institute of Governance and Global leadership. What is your understanding of governance and issues related to global leadership? It is worth noting that governance and global leadership are significant factors that have contributed to the issue of globalization.

State the topic:

Today we will be dealing with the issue of the impact of globalization on the sovereignty of state-nation. The world has come under the same social norms that are eradicating the space of governance within territorial jurisdictions to develop common internationally recognized bodies that would ensure uniformity of leadership and governance across the globe.

Speaker credibility:

I address you from the background of engaging institutions such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization during our governance leadership and global leadership disclosures to understand the role of the organizations in ensuring that nations interact sustainably (Hintzen, 2018).

Thesis Statement:

Thereby, I will address the extent to which globalization has challenged state-nations sovereignty in the current world and future expectations of the impact of globalization on nations’ governance.


The key ideas that I will cover are the impact of globalization on a country’s economic, political, and nation’s cultural sovereignty. Further, address the impact of globalization on the rights to development and governance structure.


First key idea

Globalization has impacted the role of state governments to take full responsibility for their economic policies, more so the macroeconomic management, and to develop political structures that would enhance their sovereignties. Notably, globalization has contributed to the diffusion of economic practices which are not controlled by global bodies at the expense of state-nations institutions and technology systems employed in nations’ economic management. Organizations such as the United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Trade Organization have been deployed to ensure they oversee the economic operations of nations that have denied countries their sovereignty (Ferguson & Mansbach, 2012). Countries that do not adhere to policies recommended by the organizations are sanctioned or secluded from international economic engagements. The oversight of such organizations results from globalization and challenges nation-state sovereignty.


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